YEAR 2019

Barbic et al 2019 - Rapid agitation control with ketamine in the ED ( RACKED) protocol

Goldman et al 2019 - The pain of procedural pain management education in the ED

Green et al 2019 - Unscheduled Procedural Sedation-A Multidisciplinary Consensus Practice Guideline

Lee et al 2019 - Recognition, prevention, and treatment of delirium in the ED

Nemeth et al 2019 - Intranasal Analgesia and Sedation in Pediatric Emergency Care—A Prospective Observational Study on the Implementation of an Institutional Proto


YEAR 2017

Butler et al. ED PSA for Cardioversion

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Miner JR AJEM 2017 Propfol vs Alfentanyl for PSA

Mogahd et al. Safety and Efficacy of Ketamine‑dexmedetomidine versus Ketofol post op sedation

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Riddell J AJEM 2017 Ketamine as a first-line treatment for severely agitated ED patients AJEM 2017

Vien et al. Ketamine-induced muscle rigidity during procedural sedation mitigated by IV midazolam


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